Duane Brown, Making His Mark

Patrick D. Starr

The offensive line of the Houston Texans are proving their worth this season and building on a successful 2010 campaign when they blocked for the leading rusher in the NFL, in Arian Foster.

Duane Brown

This season they are a big part of why the Texans are looking for their fourth victory of the season this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. It seems like Duane Brown is making his mark as being the new leader of the offensive line with his solid play these past four weeks. Brown is closing in on being one of the best left tackles in the game with his recent play.

Brown so far this season has matched up against Dwight Freeney, Jason Taylor, Will Smith and James Harrison and had stood up to all of them. He has protected Matt Schaub's blind side and him and Wade Smith make a big time duo on the left side of the line. Running to Brown and Smith's side the Texans have had 7, 10+ yard runs and have been solid in pass protection.

Brown came out of Virginia Tech in 2008 when the Texans selected him with the 26th overall selection and is currently in his 4th season with the Texans. He has been a streaky player, and made himself a marked man after his positive test for a banned substance that cost him 4 crucial games in 2010.

He "accidentally" gained 10-15 pounds during the offseason and is currently playing at 320 lbs. which has seemed to help him anchor better against opposing pass rushers. Also, he has excelled in his run blocking this season and is turning himself into a potential pro-bowler.

His play has been impressive this season and let's hope he continues to grow as a player and become a mainstay at left tackle for the Texans in the years to come. His ability to be a complete tackle is rare for lineman, but he has been a well-rounded lineman and looks like he has made a commitment to being a better football player.

The Texans offensive line is one of the best and it is starting with the play of Duane Brown, but he his not the only one making it happen each game. If you don't believe he has gotten better ask James Harrison. (We wish Harrison a speedy recovery.)

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