Duke Johnson Getting His Touches In The Offense Is a Must for the Texans

Patrick D. Starr

When the Houston Texans made the deal for running back Duke Johnson during training camp, they were looking for the change of pace back that could do it all. Head coach Bill O'Brien had been pursuing Johnson majority of the off-season and when the Cleveland Browns finally agreed to part ways with Johnson, the price of a conditional fourth-round selection that has already turned into a third-round pick for the upcoming draft. 

This season, Johnson is setting career high's entering week 14 averaging 9.8 yards a reception and 5.2 yards a rush. 

Every game that Johnson has scored a touchdown this season, the Texans have four wins to show for it. Johnson has shown he can be a matchup nightmare for defenses, and against the New England Patriots, he had five receptions for 54 yards and a score that opened up the game for the offense. 

With a talented back like Johnson, O'Brien and offensive coordinator have a skilled player that helps the scheme but, more importantly, is better than most linebackers that attempt to cover him in space.

When asked if Johnson is a product of the offense or just a good football player, O'Brien thinks it is both. 

"I think it's definitely both," O'Brien said of Johnson's success. "I think that's a good question that you're asking, but in the NFL, there's definitely a lot of scheme and strategy, and then there's a lot of matchups."

The more touches for Johnson usually translate to good things for the Texans offense. On Sunday's night's win over the Patriots, he had 14 total touches for 91 total yards and a touchdown. 

Johnson's ability to make defenders miss is a vital part of his game and makes him dangerous as a runner and pass-catcher. 

"Duke has made some plays for us this year," O'Brien continued. "I think that Duke has improved every week as far as what we're asking him to do and what his role in the game is. I thought last night, I think he had 14 touches, and I thought that was good, and I think that he made some plays, made the touchdown play, made other plays. It was a good night for him."

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Was a steal to get Johnson, brings a new element to this team that they didn't have last year