Embarrassing First Half for The Houston Texans Sink Them Against the Denver Broncos

Patrick D. Starr

Houston- After one of the biggest wins during the Bill O'Brien era, the Houston Texans dropped their game against the Denver Broncos in embarrassing fashion. The Texans were unable to corral the rookie quarterback Drew Lock, his tight end group, and the play of former Texans and current Bronco safety Kareem Jackson. 

Lock busted the Texans defense for seven completions for over 20-plus yards, and four of those went to his tight ends. Before the Texans knew it, they were down 31-3 at halftime due to one of their worst performances of the season. The Texans dropped to 8-5 after the 38-24 loss on Sunday. 

"We got down," O'Brien said of the Texans' first-half performance. "You know before you knew it was seven nothing, fourteen nothing, and then it was a roller coaster that we couldn't stop. I mean not a rollercoaster, it was an avalanche that we couldn't stop, and you know we just got to figure out what went wrong we got to try to fix it." 

The seven pass plays for over 20-plus yards were a season-high for the Texans defense and ended up giving up 309 passing yards to Lock while completing 81.5% of his passes on the afternoon. While the Texans offense could not muster much of an attack in the first half being held to 176 yards of total offense and holding Deshaun Watson to only completing 56.5% of his passes.

"I think we're all in it together," O'Brien explained. "I really do,

But again, it starts with me. I mean look we're an eight and five football team. We got beat soundly by the Broncos, and we've got to come in here and go back to work."

The 31-points given up by the Texans were the most in the first half this season, and O'Brien knew the chances of coming back were slim for his team.

"If you come into a game," O'Brien started. "And you get down 14 nothing, and then you can't stop them, and you can't get things going on offense, or you're driving the ball, but something bogs you down, and you can't score you're going to be in for a long day, and that's what happened. I thought our guys come out in the second half tried to try to fight, but we gave up too many points in the first half."

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