For Now, The Texans to Stand Pat With Current Front Office Setup In the 2020 Season

Patrick D. Starr

Houston, Texas- With the season over for the Houston Texans, the off-season has arrived just a day after the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien and the Texans will go through exit meetings and physicals with the team then move to discussions with the existing coaching staff then move to more meaningful conversations with the owner of the team in Cal McNair on the direction of the organization. 

When asked if the Texans were going to hire a general manager or keep their franchise without the one figurehead for the general manager position, O'Brien said for the moment the structure would stay the same. 

"I haven't even met with Cal today, to be honest with you," O'Brien started. "I would be remiss by answering that question, but I feel like where we are right now, the way that I see it right now, it stays the way it is." 

At that point, the Texans split up the general manager duties between current front office members, Director of Player Personnel Matt Bazirgan, Director of College Scouting James Liipefert, Senior Vice President of Football Administration Chris Olsen, and Executive Vice President of Team Development Jack Easterby.

O'Brien liked what the group did during the regular season to help the Texans to the Divisional Round. 

"We have, again, a great group of people that meet daily," O'Brien said of the Texans' front office setup. "That talk about the team, the roster, all the support staff, the subprograms that we have here, and try to make the best decisions for the team."

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Because reaching the divisional round and losing repeatedly is acceptable. Great job coach, your dedication to making sure your team gets to watch the AFC Championship and Superbowl from the comfort of their living rooms is breathtaking! #subparforthecourse