From the Coach's Eyes: DeAndre Hopkins' Leadership Is a Difference Maker for the Houston Texans

Patrick D. Starr

There is no secret that Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best in the NFL. Hopkins continues to produce at an elite level for the Texans offense.

Hopkins currently owns the sixth-most receptions (596) and 13th-most receiving yards (8,102) through 104 games in NFL history. This season he has 68 receptions for 665 yards and four touchdowns while averaging 9.8 yards a reception. 

Offensive coordinator Tim Kelly doesn't take Hopkins for granted. The offensive game plan continues to run through Hopkins, and Kelly knows they can count on him when it matters.

"He's a great player," Kelly said of Hopkins. "That would be his role. He's a guy that we can count on to go out there and make plays game after game. He does whatever we ask him to do. Again, I don't have enough good things to say about him. He's a warrior on Sundays, that's for sure."

His wide receiver coach for the past three seasons, John Perry, has taken notice of Hopkins leadership inside the wide receiver room. 

"He's fantastic," Perry said of Hopkins leadership. "He's great on game day. He's great in the meeting rooms. He brings a lot of experience to the younger guys."

What Perry likes most about Hopkins is how he opens the doors for new wide receivers to the room. Last season it was Keke Coutee and Demaryius Thomas, and this season it was Kenny Stills. It was Hopkins who was the one who welcomed into the wide receiver with open arms. 

"When a guy like Kenny comes in," Perry continued on Hopkins, "Or you know, last year, when new guys come into the room, he's the guy who embraces those guys right away. It's just it's exciting. When you see that because you need that kind of leadership in every room and he brings that to our room without question."

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