Holding Court: Texans Deshaun Watson Continues to Talk Defensive Coverages

Patrick D. Starr

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, one of the NFL's most dynamic young players in the game, is making it a habit to talk football from his point of view during post-game press conferences. 

Watson is open to helping others see what he deals with during games. It has given a good insight into what an NFL quarterback deals with preparation for an NFL game. Also, play-to-play depending on what the defense is presenting to the offense. 

Starting in week four after a frustrating performance against the Carolina Panthers, Watson was willing to discuss the Atlanta Falcons offense after his big day throwing the football. 

Watson has turned his post-game press conferences into a must-watch broadcast. 


Watson on the Panthers Defense

"It's Cover-4. So, what the safeties are doing, they're playing deep and they're guarding No. 2. Corners sink and they trap two. So, what they're doing is keeping everything in front. The linebackers are playing anything that crosses, (Luke) Kuechly is playing in the middle, he stops everything that crosses the middle. He jumps everything there and the safeties are charging on number two. So, if the safeties are playing low we can't take that. We have to hit double moves. We did the post because (Eric) Reid stepped up on two with the out, over the top, I didn't hit it. Same thing with Hop, in-route, safety jumped up, he went vertical, I didn't hit it. That's the only two. After that, they played back, Cover-2, six, buzz, which is safety, Reid, comes in between Kuechly and the outside linebacker, he plays deep. I've got to get rid of the ball." 

Watson on the Falcons Defense

"They play a lot of man, different variations of man. They play a lot of diamond front – which, diamond front is five across, the center is head up, the two guards are covered up, got the two wide ends with Vic Beasley (Jr.) and (Takk) McKinley, and then you have the linebacker, Deion (Jones). Sometimes they play man, sometimes they drop out and play Tampa. They do a little bit of zone. They try to do it in – their pressure in empty was to bring the star, press him and cap the safety. I just threw hot both times. One time, Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) was there and he didn't recognize that I told him to break out hot, and he kept running his seam route, so I just took it up the middle. Then, different blitz zone packages. They play a cover-six, zoned it off, and then they played diamond two and popped out. So, they did a lot of different things. Low in the redzone they played – we call it a zero rat where there's no safety in the middle and that rat defender, which is 37 (Ricardo Allen), doubled Hop. It leaves everyone else one-on-one, so that's why (Darren) Fells and Will (Fuller V) were able to connect and win, because it was just one-on-one matchups. They did a little other stuff. The zone read package, they made sure they contained me and not letting me pull it. We locked in on each and every play and tried to make sure we knew exactly what they were doing."

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J Hager
J Hager

Watson really understands the game of Football. Is athletic, great arm, and is smart when it comes to understanding coverages. Hope he makes these a weekly thing.