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Twitter Therapy: Did Houston Stress You Out This Season?

Texans fans were realistic about their team's season and expectations

Have fans of the Houston Texans resigned to the idea of what some would call a “dumpster fire” of a season

Pickswise did a study analyzing more than a million tweets and determined Texans' fans ranked 24th among NFL teams. That puts them just outside the top quarter of chillest fans.

Where did the divisional rival Tennessee Titans land on this list? SECOND! Titans fans tweeted terms that could be deemed "stressful, angry, or disappointed," 86,130 times, giving them the second spot on the list of all 32 teams. 

Nico Collins
Texans - Amedola Titans

You can see the chill demeanor from Houston fans in response to the season ending loss to Tennessee. 

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For example, Twitter user @mike_h1990 boasted about the "fight" that the Texans displayed in their final game. 

Football is so much more than a game, and this study shows that emotions run high when it comes to your team and its season. And what better way to vent those emotions than to make a fuss on Twitter?

But that isn't exactly true for all fans of the Texans. Despite a disappointing 4-13 season, fans knew it was a rebuilding year, which is exactly what @JDDavis359 said in his tweet. 

Now, obviously there was some frustration among fans, otherwise they would have ranked higher But of the 20,713 tweets that are supposed to show their disappointments, it's still hard to come across truly heated ones.