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Texans Think QB Turned TE Jeff Driskel Is An 'Athletic Cat'

Houston Texans tight end Brevin Jordan describes QB turned TE Jeff Driskel as an "athletic cat."

The Houston Texans raised eyebrows when they announced that quarterback Jeff Driskel was going to change positions to tight end, but according to one teammate, Driskel will silence his doubters eventually.

Rookie tight end Brevin Jordan spoke about the veteran quarterback on SportsRadio610 on Thursday, calling him an "athletic cat."

"Believe it or not, Jeff Driskel is freakishly athletic," Jordan said. "I know it sounds ridiculous or whatever. People don't know he's freakishly athletic. He has the strongest hamstrings out of all the main positions."

Jordan went on to say that when the team measures hamstring strength, Driskel always comes out on top, and that he consistently finishes in the top three in explosiveness. In fact, Jordan said that Driskell has hit 22 miles per hour while sprinting.

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"He's freakishly fast," Jordan said. "I think once he gets his opportunity to go out there I think y'all are going to be like 'Alright, this was a solid move for him.'"

Since being taken in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers, Driskel has made 15 appearances at quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Denver Broncos. 

Signed by Houston this offseason, the 28-year-old played at quarterback for the Texans in the preseason and backed up rookie Davis Mills during his six starts, before his positional change was announced last month.

A fast tight end with a QB brain measuring in at 6-4 and 234 pounds? On paper, the Texans coaching staff and Jordan could have a point.