Texans' 3-Team Deshaun Trade Would Net 4 First-Round Picks?

A trade report - or is it a rumor? - suggests a complicated three-team swap that would net the Texans four first-round picks for QB Deshaun Watson.
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One of the challenges in reporting on "news'' about potential blockbuster trades is weighing whether it should be characterized as a "report'' or as a "rumor.''

The idea coming from Las Vegas that says the Washington Football Team is a suitor for Raiders quarterback Derek Carr - and that WFT would forfeit a pair of first-round picks in order to get involved in a complex three-team trade that would later send Houston QB Deshaun Watson to the Raiders - seems more like the latter.

The suggested trade would require Washington to send two first-round draft picks to Vegas for Carr, and the Raiders would then flip those picks along with two first-round picks of their own to Houston to land disgruntled QB Deshaun Watson.

So in total, Houston would net four first-round picks.

Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal writes that “several NFL insiders” expect the Raiders to field calls regarding a potential trade of Carr, with the complicated wheels churning from there.

Much of the concept seems far-fetched, frankly, and it's hard to know if this is the writer's idea, if the "NFL insiders'' are GM's or something far less (other reporters?) or if this might be the Raiders floating the idea to the media in an attempt to set a price on Carr that seems quite high.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal piece is rather vague in this regard as it writes:

It begins with the pursuit of Carr by multiple teams. Among the clubs that could get involved are the Colts, Bears, Patriots and the Washington Football Team. Depending on what happens in New Orleans, the Saints could be potential suitors as well.

That's a big "could'' and a bunch of implied "if's.''

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The paper also uses phrases to describe Carr like, "an outstanding season'' and "Carr performed like a top-10 NFL quarterback'' while celebrating "Carr’s production (and) the command he has of Jon Gruden’s offense.''

That sounds like the newspaper is almost trying to help the Raiders sell a product.

Vegas GM Mike Mayock recently touted the performance of Carr while also sounding open to an upgrade. Watson would obviously represent that to the Raiders, even at the high cost of what, according to the rumor/report, would be four first-round picks.

Our issues here, from a Texans perspective:

*Is WFT (or anybody else) really giving up two first-rounders for Carr?

*Why do the Texans need to involve a third team?

*"Four first-round picks'' is alluring ... But who plays QB for the Texans in 2021?

*And the biggest question of all in Houston, assuming Watson won't budge on his desire to leave: Which of the Texans' mixed signals - the "Hell, no!'' or the "For a treasure chest'' represents their honest position on a trade? Or, honestly, is this front office even in synch enough to have a singular answer?

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