Texans Coach Culley Reveals 'Who I Am'

Newly-appointed Houston Texans head coach David Culley has made his management style clear, and it revolves around trust, consistency, and honesty.
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For some time now, the Houston Texans have been accused of attempting to build "Patriots 2.0 South.'' However, with head coach David Culley now officially appointed, it seems as if they have shifted their focus from Bill Belichick-like to Andy Reid-esque.

Having spent 18 years working alongside Kansas City Chiefs head coach Reid, Culley joined fellow Reid prodigy Sean McDermott at the Buffalo Bills before heading to Baltimore to join yet another Reid disciple, John Harbaugh. And Culley believes that these experiences will stand him in good stead to build a strong organization in Houston.

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"There was a consistency and there was a trust that he had and all those people that (general manager) Nick (Caserio) mentioned earlier they (Reid, McDermott, and Harbaugh) had, that allowed their franchises to be successful," said Culley at his unveiling on Friday. 

"As you look today, the common thread with all of that is there as I've gone through that process from Kansas City, to Buffalo, to Baltimore and as everybody knows, it works, and that's who I am. That's who I am. And that same thing, I'm bringing here to the Houston Texans because I know it works, and it's going to work here with us."

Consistency and trust are two traits the Texans have seemingly lacked the past few years, and their implementations at NRG Stadium could prove key if they are to lure top free agents in the coming weeks and months. 

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But alongside consistency and trust will be something Culley felt he learned from Harbaugh: Brutal, but often necessary, honesty. 

"You may not like what you hear, but what you get is you get the honesty. And you know what? I've got that. I've learned that. I appreciate that and that's what I'm all about," said Culley.

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If this team is to regain the support of many disenchanted fans and players, honesty will have to be established from Day One, and it will go hand-in-hand with consistency and trust. It may be a tough few weeks as they weed out the weak links within the building, but perhaps Culley is exactly the type of coach they needed to get this team back on the same page.

A few weeks ago, the David Culley question was "Who is he?''

Today, David Culley is saying, "That's who I am.''