Texans Conduct Four Coach Interviews; Trending Up For Bieniemy and Frazier?

The Houston Texans have concluded their interviews with four head coaching candidates, including Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy who looks to be a strong candidate.
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Maybe, just maybe, things are trending in the right direction for the Houston Texans. On Monday, they announced that they had concluded interviews for their vacant head coaching position with Eric Bieniemy of the Kansas City Chiefs, Leslie Frazier of the Buffalo Bills, Matt Eberflus of the Indianapolis Colts, and David Culley of the Baltimore Ravens. 

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Of those four, the biggest name is of course Bieniemy, who is currently serving as the offensive coordinator at Arrowhead Stadium. A popular candidate who was put forward for the position by now-frustrated Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, there have been rumblings that this interview was nothing more than an attempt to appease their franchise star. 

However, according to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain and Aaron Wilson, this is not the case.

"They weren't going to do this if there was going to be a situation where it was some sort of sham interview, no one wanted that, no one wanted to waste anyone's time," said Wilson on Monday's edition of Texas Sports Nation podcast.

"(Texans general manager) Nick Caserio is not a guy that does things lightly, as we've learned ... these interviews are very real and they wouldn't interview EB just to placate the quarterback."

An abundance of critics were frustrated that the Texans did not choose to interview Bieniemy earlier, as they did with Marvin Lewis, Jim Caldwell and Joe Brady prior to Caserio's hiring. 

However, the team's plan was always to hire a general manager first, followed by a head coach. This raises the question, "Why interview any coaching candidates at all?'' A valid, but now moot, point.

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The fact is that Caserio restarted this coaching search upon his appointment. According to McClain, Caserio reached out to Bienemy just four days after being announced as general manager. And from Bieniemy's point of view, had he not been interested, he would have declined (As Eberflus did initially). 

Wilson also pointed out that for Bieniemy, this may be his only shot at a head coaching job in 2021.

"Eric, this is his only chance, he's not right now a candidate for the (Philadelphia) Eagles, this is the job he could get and it's been a long time coming for him,'' Wilson said.

And at this point, it certainly seems as if the tides are turning in Houston in favor of Bienemy. 

On Monday, Watson spoke out against a planned protest on his behalf in Houston with Wilson describing this as a sign of a "thawing" in the situation between himself and the Texans. Later in the day, it was reported that current Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka will be staying in Kansas City despite interest from the Seattle Seahawks; Perhaps because he smells a promotion coming his way in KC?

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Of course, there is no done deal at this point. Wilson mentioned that there are still discussions to be had over who has control of the 53-man roster, while other candidates also should not be ignored.

"Leslie Frazier, they said that went great," said McClain.

While Bieniemy seems to have Watson support, Frazier is repped by Bob LaMonte, the agent for Caserio and powerful team exec Jack Easterby.

Said Wilson: "There are some scenarios where it could be someone else, like Matt Eberflus, or a Leslie Frazier. Leslie Frazier would be able to assemble a very strong staff, and I'm already hearing about guys who wanna come and work with Leslie Frazier."

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of bad press for the Texans. They have alienated their franchise quarterback and their fans, and embarrassed themselves throughout this hiring process. None of this should be downplayed, and there is a long way to go if they are to mend these bridges.

But serious work with the likes of coaches like Bieniemy would go a long way to doing so. And the odds of this happening? Trending up.

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