Houston Texans' DeAndre Hopkins Continues to Impress Titans Mike Vrabel With His Physical Play

Patrick D. Starr

With the Houston Texans heading to face the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is a key player to watch during the games. The Titans have made it known that Hopkins is one player they have to contain with the past success he has in his career against the Titans. 

The Titans have talked at length about the impact Hopkins has in the Texans offense, but Titans head coach Mike Vrabel received a first-hand look at the work ethic of Hopkins for four seasons being on the Texans coaching staff. 

The one skill that has always impressed Vrabel with Hopkins is how physical he is as a receiver. Vrabel went into detail about how skilled the Texans receiver is when he is on the field. 

"Probably at the top of the list," Vrabel said of Hopkins' ability to play physical as a receiver. "But it's not just a wrestling match."

 Vrabel continued, "There's a lot of skill involved, and he does a great job with his hands. Putting them on defender's arms and catching a wrist and he's almost like a pass rusher in that regard to try to watch him and see him time up the people when they're trying to jam I'm going to put their hands on him."

Against the Titans for his career, Hopkins has caught 77 passes for 1,194 yards and seven touchdowns while the Texans have and 8 and 4 record in the games he has played. 

"I would say that his play strength is very good," Vrabel said of Hopkins game. "To be able to fight through, you know contact not only during the route but also when the ball gets there and then at the top of the list as far as body control on the sidelines."

Hopkins has 133 targets on the season and posted his third consecutive 1,000-yard season with 1,023 receding yards. He also is tied for the team lead in seven receiving touchdowns while averaging 11.0 yards a reception. 

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