Deshaun & Co: ‘Cool’ Advancement Of NFL Black QBs

Mike Fisher

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is one of 10 Black QBs to start in Week 1, the most in NFL history.

It’s something cool,” Watson said. “It’s definitely dope to be a part of and create history in that way.”

Watson was joined leading teams by NFL MVP winners Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens), Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), and Cam Newton (New England Patriots) as well as Teddy Bridgewater (Carolina Panthers), Dwayne Haskins (Washington Football Team), Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals), Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys), Tyrod Taylor (Los Angeles Chargers) and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks).

"Guys just got to continue to go,'' Watson said, "giving other African-American quarterbacks that are younger with more opportunities, especially from where I come from.''

Watson, who recently signed a massive extension to remain with the Texans long-term, also acknowledged that the QB's who have "made it'' need to continue to do so - in part to continue to raise awareness and forge continued opportunities for others, but also because ... well, it's their job.

Said Watson: “At the same time, you’ve got to go out there and perform and get the same knowledge and same wisdom as everyone else that’s at this level. We’ve just got to continue to grow and use it as a positive thing for sure.”

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This all represents a step toward progress in the way the NFL and its fans view Black quarterbacks and Blacks in team leadership positions. And again, beyond the all-important big-picture issues here, there are also the games to play - including Lamar Jackson's Ravens in Week 2 in Houston to take on Deshaun Watson's Texans.

But make no mistake: They are Lamar Jackson's Ravens. And they are Deshaun Watson's Texans. And that is a powerful statement indeed.

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