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Texans Three-Year Salary Cap Projection: Outlook Is Grim

Pro Football Focus ranked all 32 teams in a cap-related category. Where are the Texans?

When an NFL team is in the process of rebuilding - not just the roster, but the entire franchise - things typically go from bad to worse before they get better.

That's exactly where the Houston Texans might find themselves right about now. 

Question marks surround the organization, from starting quarterback to the first-time head coach to the first-time general manager. But there's always hope for the future, right? 

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Our favorite list-makers over at Pro Football Focus put together yet another list, this time analyzing the next three years’ worth of salary cap and draft capital health for all 32 teams. Look out Texans fans, your team is near the bottom.

Houston ranks 30th overall, 30th in active draft capital, 24th in effective cap space, 11th in pro-rated salary hits, 23rd in Top 51 Veteran Valuation, and 30th in Unrestricted Free Agent Valuation.

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Not good.

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Pro Football Focus commented on the salary cap, not showing a positive light towards the future on the cap space.

"The Texans skewed their ranking a bit here by signing 39 free agents this offseason — only one other team eclipsed 25, with 27 — with the lion’s share of those deals being for one year. As a result, they rank third in the 2022 free agent valuation column, but in reality, that’s a quantity-over-quality issue. They won’t need to replace many of these players. 

With that said, Houston did spend the most cash in the NFL in 2020, and they prorated a good chunk. The lack of first-round picks the last two years on account of the trade for Laremy Tunsil doesn’t do them any favors either, which is why they rank 30th in active draft capital."

The Texans find themselves in the NFL cellar, but what about compared to their AFC South foes?

The rebuilding Jaguars rank second and surging Colts rank third. The Tennessee Titans rank 23rd, all faring better than the Texans.

Fans can only hope this is one of the last remnants of the Bill O'Brien era the team has to deal with, and that the David Culley/Nick Caserio era ushers in some wins and a more promising future.

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