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'Fake Reporter' J.J. Crashes Watt Brothers Steelers Presser

Houston Texans J.J. Plays Reporter And Playfully Crashes Watt Brothers Pittsburgh Steelers Press Conference

A discussion about the three Watt brothers in the NFL - their Sunday presence in the same game, by the way, the sort of thing that happens in pro football about twice every 100 years or so - can sound a bit like a modern-day Abbott & Costello routine.

"Who's on first? Watt's on second. Watt's on third. I don't know!

And during a Friday morning Pittsburgh-based online press conference featuting linebacker T.J. Watt and fullback Derek Watt, one more Watt opted to add to the silliness.

"Yeah, hello, Justin from the Better Brother Gazette here," J.J. Watt said in crashing the call. "I just had a question: this offseason, at the beginning of the year, when we were going through quarantine, it looked like you guys were training at a really nice facility, with a nice gym and good field, I was just wondering what the membership fees were at such a nice facility while none of the gyms were open."

J.J.'s mock attempt at getting his brothers in trouble was handled by T.J.

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Well, I can (answer) this one, Derek, because I was a high-up member of that community," T.J. said. "We cut the grass, that was about it. The thing about the club owner was he really enjoyed cutting the grass himself, really enjoyed lying in the football field for his members. The grass was always pristine, the gym was always clean, we always tried to do our best to clean up after ourselves and we're just very grateful he let us use his facilities."

Added Derek: "It was kind of just, 'Don't make a mess, clean up after yourselves, and you get all the perks you want'. "The fridge is always stocked, the weights were picked up, it was great."

It sounds like the Wisconsin-based Watt brothers might've trained in the presence of J.J. the three-time Defensive Player of the Year who will lead his 0-2 Texans into football battle on Sunday at noon CT at Heinz Field.

J.J., in the persona of his fake reporter from "The Better Brothers Gazette,'' managed to squeeze in a follow-up question/jibe.

"Do you guys always do your press conferences together?'' J.J. asked. "Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.''