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Texans Fans Beat Out Cowboys as Smartest in the NFL

In Houston, there should be an acceptance of the results, as Texans fans had an average IQ score of 117.8, the highest among all NFL fan bases.

The Houston Texans have finally finished first in something. But it's not because of them; it's because of you.

Texans fans have been deemed among the smartest in the entire sports world and the No. 1 most intelligent fans in the NFL.

It seems a website called conducted a survey of 1,006 sports fans to discover their literal IQs. (We think.) Via the site:

Have you ever entered into debates with rival sports fan online or in real life and wondered how they get dressed in the morning? Have you ever been frustrated that they can't comprehend basic facts, like a referees decision? If you've ever found yourself in these situations and thought a team or sports fanbase was severly lacking braincells, this study should help. Working with
professional psychologists, administered a remote IQ test to 1,006 US sports fans to determine the most and least intelligent sports fans in the USA. These are the results.

We are a bit skeptical regarding the scientific nature of this thing; the site proclaims that it measured "verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning and visual reasoning.''

Hey, maybe we're skeptical because we're not smart enough?!.

But in Houston, there should be an acceptance of the results, as Texans fans had an average IQ score of 117.8, the highest among all NFL fan bases.

Participants in the survey also included fans of the NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and the WWE - and it seems fans of the WWE are very, very bright.

Again, maybe we're not smart enough to get it.

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WWE star Roman Reigns fans recorded an average IQ of 126.4), beating out fans of WWE star Daniel Bryan (122.2). Then came the NHL's Boston Bruins (120.3) and Detroit Red Wings (118.6).

The No. 2 NFL intelligence among fans? The Dallas Cowboys fans at 112.7, and in the overall rankings, Cowboys fans placed 13th.

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Does being a "discerning'' fan could as "intelligent''? Houston fans right now, maybe reeling at the Deshaun Watson news, could be considered "smart'' for waiting and watching before buying season tickets.

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In Dallas, do they could as "smart'' because they believe "this is the year'' for owner Jerry Jones and the Dak Prescott-led team? Or do Cowboys fans always believe that?

It strikes us as odd that Texans fans would rank so high while fans of the Houston Astros would rank so low, as Astros fans are labeled as the 17th-least intelligent overall with a 95.9 IQ score.

But one more time ... maybe we're not smart enough to get it.