Texans GM Caserio Insists Easterby Has No Role In Personnel

In a conversation with SportsRadio 610, Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio was asked what role Jack Easterby currently has regarding all things personnel.
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Jack Easterby has been a polarizing figure for the Houston Texans over the course of the last 12 months in particular. This came after his seemingly meteoric rise through the football ranks from "character coach'' and team pastor to interim general manager of the Houston Texans, which raised eyebrows and caused negative headlines to spread like wildfire.

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That being said, when asked what Easterby's role within the organization is now from a personnel standpoint, general manager Nick Caserio is clear that Easterby has no hand in this side of things.

"He's really not involved in the personnel or scouting decisions, I think he'll be the first to tell you that - [He] doesn't want to be involved in scouting, [he] doesn't want to be involved in personnel decisions," said Caserio on SportsRadio 610.

This has been Caserio's stance ever since his arrival earlier this year, and he maintains that Easterby's role does not include anything related to personnel decisions.

"With the rookies specifically, part of the onboarding process, kind of welcoming them to the team, getting them indoctrinated in our program, get down an understanding of the rookie program, rookie development," said Caserio. "So a lot of logistics, a lot of organizational type things outside of football, coaching and scouting, those are the areas he's focused on."

Many fans were less than pleased to see Easterby remain in the front office after months of endless speculation suggesting that he had the ear of team chairman Cal McNair. This situation wasn't helped when SI released 'Jack Easterby’s Rise to Power and the Chaos That Followed' which claimed to confirm many people's worst fears about Easterby's role. 

However, since Caserio's arrival, it's safe to say that, from the outside at least, Easterby's presence is far less noticeable with the headlines having died down and Caserio very publicly assuming all control of roster decisions.

And while there have been few positive headlines for Texans fans to cling onto this offseason, perhaps they can gain some optimism from the fact that according to Caserio, this is very much the GM's team - and nobody else's.

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