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Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio Must Get Deshaun Watson Trade Done - Done Right

There's only one way Nick Caserio walks away a winner of the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes

HOUSTON -- Nick Caserio, you better know what you're doing. 

The Houston Texans are 1-5 and entering a rebuild. Everyone knows that. The question is, "How long will it take for the right pieces to enter NRG Stadium to speed up the process?''

Caserio has the one right piece to make his team contend sooner than expect. His name? Deshaun Watson. 

You best know what you're doing, Nick. 

According to sources, the Texans and Dolphins are working on a deal to send the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback to Miami, Houston having until the Nov. 2 NFL trade deadline to close a deal.

Caserio has one job: Walk away a winner with picks. And no, not players. It's just picks. 

Picks he can use to find his players to his team. 

Not leftovers from names who haven't hit in South Beach.

Since the get-go, Caserio has been clear on what he's looking for in return for Watson. It's three first-round picks, two second-round picks and a proven defensive player; we are reporting today that remains the case. Miami, which currently sits at 1-5, only has one first- and one second-round pick in 2022. 

This would be a long-term investment for Caserio over the next few seasons. That perhaps raises the asking price even more.

Houston, currently on a five-game losing streak, won't be able to transform the franchise overnight. And depending on where the San Francisco 49ers finish (the Dolphins own their pick), that could either have the Texans landing a pair of top 10 talents, or maybe a name in the mid-teens to early 20s. 

Again, you best know what you're doing, Nick. 

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Houston must decide its long-term stance on rookie QB Davis Mills. There's is no indication that the Texans would pursue second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in a swap, but should Mills' struggles continue, maybe Caserio includes him in the deal. 

Then again, maybe Tua is moved to a different team before a deal even gets done in Houston with Watson. 

Caserio, a 20-year veteran in front office management with the New England Patriots, also understands the plea of desperation. The Dolphins seem desperate to enter a "win-now" mode following roster changes from earlier this offseason. 

Better yet, Miami general manager Chris Grier could be fighting for his job. His team went 10-6 last season and missed the playoffs by a game. On top of that, they just lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London to give them their first win. 

And their owner wants Watson.

Winning in the AFC East seems plausible for Miami. Watson could be the ticket to taking them to the next level. But again, it all comes down to price. 

That desperation maybe just upped the asking price even more. 

Caserio can land a king's ransom for Watson. No, he must land it.

The Texans wanted leadership when they brought Caserio in. Here's the perfect way to lead. 

Stick to your guns. Keep to your word. The price is the price for a reason. 

In Caserio we trust? Now might be the first — and final — time Houston puts its faith in the new GM. 

Best know what you're doing Nick. All of Houston and all of the NFL is now watching ... and impatiently waiting.