Cameras To The Ready As Texans Head Coaching Fraternity Meet On Sunday

Anthony R Wood

It is easy to forget just how young the Houston Texans are as an organization in the grand scheme of things. Established in 2002, they have only had three permanent head coaches to date, and on Sunday, all three will all take to the field at NRG Stadium as the Texans host the Minnesota Vikings.

"I think they probably need to get a picture of that, the three of us on the field at the same time on Sunday," said current head coach Bill O'Brien on Wednesday.

Founded by the McNair family, the Texans were first led by Dom Capers between 2002-2005, then by Gary Kubiak from 2006-2013, (Wade Phillips briefly served as interim head coach in 2013 but we'll gloss over that) followed by today's head honcho O'Brien. 

Both currently on the Vikings coaching staff, Capers as a senior defensive assistant, with Kubiak their assistant head coach/offensive coordinator, O'Brien spoke fondly of his predecessors.

"I have tremendous respect for Dom," said O'Brien. "I mean, to be the first head coach of an expansion  a team that was a brand-new team and to lay the foundation for that organization – there’s a lot that goes into that. There’s a ton that goes into that."

A former colleague with the New England Patriots, Capers served as the defensive backs' coach while O'Brien coached the wide receivers back in 2008.

"Dom’s very meticulous, very organized guy. I learned a ton from Dom when I worked with him," O'Brien went on to say.

When it came to Kubiak, O'Brien was similarly complimentary of the former Super Bowl-winning head coach while with the Denver Broncos.

"Every time I’ve seen Gary at the combine or wherever, when he was a head coach, I’d see him at the owner’s meeting – he and his wife, they’re the best people," said O'Brien. 

"They’re the nicest people. They are very supportive of us here in Houston. They love Texas. They love Houston. They still own a home, a ranch I think it’s 50 miles north of here. I know their son that coaches over at Strake (Jesuit College Preparatory). Just an excellent family."

Coach O'Brien is now in his seventh season with the Texans, a tenure many head coaches could only dream of. Having brought four AFC South titles to Houston in that duration.

And while O'Brien may not be the most popular figure in Houston at this point in time, this weekend should be seen as a chance to celebrate the closing stages of the first two decades of this franchise's history, and the coaches who made it all happen. 

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