The Houston Texans will place defensive end J.J. Watt on the injured reserve with a torn left pectoral that he suffered on Sunday. Watt is scheduled for surgery mid-week and is scheduled for at least a four-month rehab process before being cleared for football activities to resume. 

Watt will be ready to return for off-season work with the Texans in 2020 and more than healthy for the start of training camp. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien talked about the loss of Watt. 

"He's a great football player," O'Brien said of Watt after the injury. "He's an even better guy. Unfortunately, we have been in this position before, and I think we have got some guys here, a lot of different guys. It's not going to be one guy that takes his place if that's the case, but we certainly will miss him. I mean that's obvious.”

The Texans will have to find an answer for the loss of Watt who was their best pass rusher. Leading the league with 20 quarterback hits through eight games, Watt showed he has plenty left in the tank as a pass rusher. 

This is the third season in the last four that Watt has had cut short due to a season-ending injury. 

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