Houston Texans Know Jadeveon Clowney is "Chomping at the Bit" to Get Back

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans have been waiting on the arrival of franchised tag defensive end Jadeveon Clowney ever since they learned of his absence from the team. Clowney has not signed his franchise deal which does not require him to be subject to fines much less put him at risk of injury during training camp.

Reports surfaced that Clowney has been keeping in communication with coaches and teammates since he was franchise tagged by the Texans.

Veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph has kept in touch with Clowney. Head coach Bill O'Brien has held conversations between him and Clowney between the two of them and not shed light on the discussions.

Defensive line coach Anthony Weaver made it clear that he and Clowney have been in contact during his absence from the team.

"We have exchanged texts and really just to check in on him," Weaver said of Clowney. "To see how he is doing."

Weaver continued, "Just not be around the guys and be in this environment. It is what you have done your entire life. Most of that of that communication has been really to just to check on him."

Weaver knows Clowney has been putting in the work to get ready for the season and when he eventually arrives to the team. He will be expected to be prepared to go with the defense.

"I know he is putting in work and hopefully, when he does show up, he is ready to go." Weaver explained.

Weaver knows that Clowney has to show he can get back into football shape, but he doesn't expect that to take too long. Getting him into the building and back on the field should take care of any questions of preparing Clowney for the season.

"He just has to get into football shape," Weaver said of Clowney. "A lot of that will be based on the shape he comes here in. I don't expect that to be very long. I know he has been working. I know he is chomping at the bit to get out here. I give him, we will see, probably two weeks, max."

What the Texans ask Clowney to do in the defense, Weaver knows not everyone can do. He praised Clowney's physical ability but called Clowney "very smart to learn all those positions" in the Texans defense.

Weaver doesn't question Clowney's work ethic or his desire to play the game of football. When asked the challenges Weaver has to get Clowney ready for the season.

Weaver smiled at the question.

"I actually don't view it as much of a challenge at all," Weaver said of getting Clowney ready for the season. "You're asking me to get the number one overall draft pick to get ready to play football? I can do that. I will probably look like a pretty good coach too. That is an easy job for me."

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Patrick D. Starr
Patrick D. Starr


@SittingBull It would be interesting for sure.


Hope all the rumors about trading Clowney is just scare tactics , that would be very stupid of the GM BOB to trade Clowney for an OT , since they drafted 2 and signed 1 from free agency , no doubt BOB would lose his Job over this as well !