Houston Texans Lamar Miller a Potential Cap Casualty? Slow Your Roll

Patrick D. Starr

One thing that people that follow the Houston Texans deserve is accurate and more importantly, realistic coverage of the team. Sometimes, national media can be out of touch with organizations they are not close to, and in this case, that appears to be the issue.

NFL Analyst John Clayton wrote in the Washington Post on which NFL Players Who Could Become Salary Cap Casualties Before The Season.

Surprisingly, Texans running back Lamar Miller ended up on the list. Here is what Clayton said regarding Miller's potential to be a cap casualty. 

Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller: Even though Miller went to the Pro Bowl last year as a fill-in, Miller hasn't fully lived up to his four-year contract, which expires after the season. The Texans traded what could end up being a third-round choice for Duke Johnson, who is under a $5.2 million contract. Miller and Johnson form a nice one-two punch, but if Bill O'Brien makes an aggressive move to improve the offensive line or defense, Miller could be moved. He would save $6.2 million in cap room.

Wait a second.

The Texans would not cut Miller for quite a few reasons despite what Clayton says in his Washington Post entry. 

Currently, with a tad over $37 million in cap space, the Texans do not need to make Miller a cap casualty to open up "room" to improve the offensive line or defense. 

Also, Miller is the Texans lead back even with the addition of Duke Johnson, who has been nursing an injured hamstring since the third day of training camp. Johnson just returned to the field for the Texans this week. Miller is the offenses only experienced running back, and it makes little sense to weaken a position group they just improved. 

Let's not forget Miller's production with the Texans. Part of it is the high usage of Miller and the only back Bill O'Brien could trust. He has been on the field and one of the few constants in the offense since he was signed as a free agent nearly four seasons ago from the Miami Dolphins. Miller has five consecutive seasons of 1,100+ yards from scrimmage. He only trails Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown in that category. 

There is zero chance the Texans are moving on from Miller for salary cap reasons when cut down day arrives for the start of the 2019 regular season. 

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Patrick D. Starr
Patrick D. Starr


@SittingBull He has one year left on his deal. He is a free agent next season. If you think Taiwan Jones or Buddy Howell are better? makes little sense to weaken your group over cap space when you have $37 million in space right now.


If Im GM , I would makes sense , Id believe thats what a BB would do, move on b4 he gets hurt and you have extra cap money ! You got Duke who is experienced and bring on keep Howell and Tawain Jones or sign another back when cut downs come !