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Texans WR Brandin Cooks: 'We've Got Some Things to Clean Up'

Some honest comments from the Houston Texans receiver as his offense looks to get better.

There weren't many people who believed quarterback Davis Mills could lead the Houston Texans to where they ultimately hoped to go. 

Still, the team rallied around their quarterback, and for the majority of the three games played, the Texans have been able to build leads moving into the final moments of each contest. 

The problem is, they've walked away from each of them without a win. 

Now, the questions around Mills and his ability to lead the offense are beginning to stack up, and his receivers are getting asked about their connectivity with the quarterback.

"Personally, just from myself and with us in pass catching with Davis (Mills), we've got some things to clean up," said receiver Brandin Cooks when asked about his chemistry with the quarterback. "We can be better, absolutely. I look in the mirror at myself and I can be better. If every person can do that and bring the collectively, I think that's going to help us really get on the same page, with all of us actually."

Currently, Cooks has 13 receptions this season and 158 total yards of offense. 

The concern is that those catches have come with 29 targets coming Cooks' way, a career-low catch rate of just 44.8 percent. 

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This early in the season, nobody is preaching a message of panic. Instead, it sounds like a group focused on getting better and keying in on the small details that have prevented Houston from finishing games late. 

"We're close, and I really mean that," Cooks said. "When you say that, you just go to the film. Obviously, these games have been so close so just how we get over that hump individually and collectively as a group. That's just the message. We've got to keep straining, keep fighting and continue to have that hope because we're right there from getting over the hump."

While the Texans can look back and realistically see they could be 3-0 at this point in the season, they can't afford to do so. 

A Week 4 contest against the Los Angeles Chargers stands firmly in front of them now, and getting a win against this preseason Super Bowl favorite will require starting fast if the Texans want another shot at closing.

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