Houston Texans: Mission Incomplete

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Football here in Houston has been littered with upset after upset when it comes to completing the ultimate goal which is getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. If I were to do a poll on this topic, I'm sure that there would be an outpouring of responses. The responses would range from how they felt, to what they did, and where they were at during the time some of these failures took place. In some cases, the greatest success and failures happened before we were old enough to know what an Oiler was.

From the great teams of the "Luv Ya Blue" Oilers with Bum Phillips down to the Jack Pardee and the Run - N - Shoot era, Houston's football teams have experienced some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. Through all of the years of great football teams here in Houston, all have fallen short of their goal of a Super Bowl berth let alone a win. This created three types of fans in Houston, the pessimistic fan, the optimistic fan, and the show me fan.

The pessimistic fan is usually the bandwagon fan. He never truly believes the team will make it because one person or player is bound to do something to shoot themselves in the foot. The optimistic fan always believes the team can do it "IF" circumstances are perfect. Most times optimistic fans have a built in reason for why their team didn't win. Then there is the show me fan. The show me fan is a mix of both worlds yet they are the most guarded in regards to their enthusiasm for their team. They're usually the long suffering fan that has seen it all, the good, bad and the ugly. They are also the ones that when their team finally breaks through will likely show genuine emotion.

With a track record of shortcomings like the one we've experienced here, if we had to grade it outside of saying that they've outright failed we'd have to give an incomplete grade.

Fast forwarding to the current Houston Texans, they don't have the storied past of our beloved Oilers but they are blazing their own path and ushering in a new age. The Texans have a fresh slate to create on and now it is important to finish what was started over a decade ago. The Texans have a fairly simple offensive scheme yet we haven't seen it at its optimum level. The closest we've seen to that was the 96-97 Denver Broncos. Now that the Texans have the necessary depth and talent on both sides of the ball, it's time they breakthrough the proverbial wall that so many other teams crashed into. Many of you remember when Gary Kubiak got here his goals where to 1. Win the division 2. Get to the playoffs and 3. Go to the Super Bowl (and win). He has completed two of the three goals over the last two years. As for now, the question is Can Gary overcome the teams shortcomings to get them over the top? I personally believe so, but until he proves it this mission to the Super Bowl remains incomplete.