A New Job Fit? Texans Coach Culley Learning Day By Day

Houston Texans head coach David Culley spoke on Thursday about what he's been learning since taking charge and how he could have been a better coach.
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It often feels as if 99 percent of answers given by coaches to the media are premeditated.  Every so often though, a coach will offer a true glimpse at their thought process or opinion. 

Houston Texans first-year head coach David Culley did exactly that Thursday afternoon.

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Culley has spent his entire career as an offensive coach, whether that be coaching running backs, quarterbacks or as an overall offensive assistant. Even he admitted that stepping into the head coaching role is allowing him a new insight into the game he has worked in since the 1970s.

"I’ve been on one side the whole time," Culley said. "Now, I know exactly why they’re doing what they’re doing on defense."

Culley admitted that had he had an opportunity like this in the past, he could have been a better coach.

"As offensive coaches, a lot of time we always thought we had all the answers," Culley said. "Basically, you realize when you go to the defensive side of the ball, the answer we thought it was, was really wrong. Now that I’ve been on the other side over there, I get it now. I would’ve been a better offensive coach had I known exactly what was going on that other side right now."

Hearing a head coach admit that they are wrong and publicly acknowledging their failings is both unusual and admirable. 

Combine this with his obvious excitement, love for the job, and his recent discussion during a press conference about his love for Tex-Mex, and one can't help but find yourself liking him that little bit more as the year progresses.

Now, it'll be about getting wins to keep his likable status in the fanbases' favor. 

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