Texans Reveal Key To QB Tyrod Taylor Signing

Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio spoke on Friday about the team's decision to sign quarterback Tyrod Taylor and was drove his acquisition.
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HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans are in the uneven position of going through a top-to-bottom rebuild all whilst the future of the franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson, remains in turmoil. 

The show, though, must go on and the team needed an option at quarterback to either step in and start from Day One, or provide a capable backup option should Watson return. 

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The answer? For now, it's former LA Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

"We went through our process, tried to earmark or identify some players that we thought we liked," Texans GM Nick Caserio told reporters Friday via Zoom. "I would say in his (Taylor's) particular case he has some experience with coaches on our staff or has some experience in this type of offense or system."

The 31-year old former Pro Bowler has started for three different franchises across 72 league appearances since 2011. During his time, Taylor has worked with now-Texans head coach David Culley in Buffalo, and both Texans QB coach Pep Hamilton and offensive line coach James Campen in the past as well.

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Houston's decision to bring in Taylor was driven not so much by Watson's impending status, but rather the lack of depth at the position. Before his signing, Watson remained the only quarterback under contract to the organization. 

"Regardless, that was a position where quite frankly we didn't have very many numbers, A.J. [McCarron] was a free agent, Josh [McCown] retired so when you have one player at any one position on the team you need more than one person," Caserio said.

If by some turn of events Watson were to return to Houston for 2021, Taylor would provide stability as a high-end backup option for Houston's offense.

More realistically though, with Watson maybe unavailable to the franchise moving forward — whether that be through a trade, suspension or otherwise — Taylor at the very least be a decent stop-gap starter as they search for the future long-term option of the position. 

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