Houston Texans Rookie Davis Mills: 'What An NFL QB Is All About’

Houston Texans head coach David Culley heaped praise on rookie quarterback Davis Mills, describing him as "a prototype NFL quarterback."
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Rookie quarterback Davis Mills arrives in Houston with a great deal of pressure on his shoulders. For various reasons, Mills' selection was seen by many as one of high-risk/high-reward. But according to Texans head coach David Culley, Mills is a "prototype NFL quarterback."

"I thought (GM) Nick's (Caserio) staff did a great job of all of a sudden earmarking a guy that fit what a quarterback in the NFL is all about," said Culley of Mills, the 67th overall pick. 

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"Obviously he didn't play as much football as some of the other guys because of the COVID situation in the Pac-12, but we really love what he's all about,” Culley said. “We love all of the intangibles he has. He's a protype NFL quarterback and we feel good to have him. He's smart. He can make all the throws and we feel good and feel fortunate that we're able to get him when we got him."

With just 11 collegiate starts under his belt, Mills’ lack of reps at Stanford had a heavy hand in his drop to 67th in the draft. That being said, few doubt his talent and ability, with some suggesting he could have been a first-rounder had he stayed in college for one more season. 

As such, while he may take time to develop, the Texans could have found themselves a real steal in the third round. And Culley delved into exactly what impressed them about Mills.

"The one thing that we liked about him and Pep (Hamilton) talked about this when we were sitting down talking with Nick (Caserio) and talking about what he was all about in the evaluation process is he's very accurate," said Culley. 

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"He gets it out on time. He's very smart. He understands the passing game, because they do a very good job at it there at Stanford. He's been in a very good play-action, run-action type of pass game, which we have a history of doing here. He fit what our model was wanting to have a guy at that position."

While Mills may be a solid fit for what they are planning down in Houston, there can be no denying he will need time to adapt. … no matter what happens with Deshaun Watson.  Thankfully for the Texans, they have a not-so-secret weapon in quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton who is known for his ability to develop young talents such as Andrew Luck and Justin Herbert.

"One thing that we loved about having Pep here is all of those guys he coached whether they were young guys or guys that have been in the league, they all got better," said Culley.

Hamilton has the advantage of working alongside current Stanford head coach David Shaw, and therefore, understands the system Mills will be transferring from. … Something Shaw eluded to in a recent interview with SportsRadio610.

"Two reasons why I love Pep being there: One is Pep knows our offense and the transition I think will be smoother for Davis because of that and Pep will be able to relate what they're doing in Houston to things that we did," said Shaw. 

"Pep Hamilton coached Andrew Luck both in college and in the NFL, Pep Hamilton had a big hand in the young quarterback's (Justin Herbert) rise down there with the Chargers this past year and I think he's going to have a big hand in preparing Davis Mills for the Texans offense."

So in summary, the Texans believe they have a "prototype NFL quarterback" and a coach who should be able to get the best out of him. 

No pressure Davis...

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