Texans Secondary Coach Upbeat On DBs

Anthony R Wood

It is no secret that the Houston Texans' secondary is a mess. They have allowed the seventh-most passing yards in the NFL (1,762), the second-most touchdowns (17), the highest average passer rating (114.5), and the fewest interceptions (1). 

Despite this, secondary coach D'Anton Lynn remained optimistic when questioned about two of his starters.

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Gareon Conley was slated to start opposite Bradley Roby in 2020, but with Conley on injured reserve, the onus has fallen upon Vernon Hargreaves to fill in. And according to Lynn, Hargreaves has "had a good season."

"He's made some plays for us," said Lynn. "He's been in position to make some plays and hasn't. The thing about him is when he doesn't, he bounces back. He goes out there, he competes. We have a tremendous amount of confidence with him on the outside."

Through Week 6, Hargreaves has allowed a team-leading 360 passing yards, has eight missed tackles (Second only to Zach Cunningham), and has allowed 28 completions... most on the team.

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But it wasn't just Hargreaves who Lynn was positive about. Offseason free agency acquisition Eric Murray came to the Texans on a three-year deal with big expectations on his shoulders thanks to his hefty $18 million price tag.

"So we knew he was a versatile player when we got him," said Lynn. "We've used him just about every spot so far this year. He's played safety for us. He's played star. He's played money. He's blitzed. He's been in coverage. He's done just about everything. It's been nice to have a utility guy like that that's a veteran, that's played in games, that's smart, that can just kind of fill all those holes we have each week."

'Versatility' was a favorite term of former head coach Bill O'Brien's, and one that describes Murray well - Jack of all trades, master of none. 

Having allowed 335 passing yards and 25 completions, second only to Hargreaves, it has been far from the start to his Texans career Murray will have wanted. 

Lynn's hesitation to criticize his players publicly comes as no surprise, given that he was hired by O'Brien - who notoriously kept his answers vague and was never one to call out a player. 

But maybe the optimistic dialogue is merited for a Houston secondary that needs any positive it can get.Tuesday would have been a breath of fresh air for Texans fans who are looking for any reason to be optimistic heading into their Week 7 bye. 

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