Watson Offers Aide to QB Joe Burrow

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson sends his best and is open to offer advice to the injured Bengals rookie QB Joe Burrow.
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HOUSTON - Deshaun Watson saw his rookie year end due to injury in 2017. Just over three years later it wasn't fun for him watching the same thing happen Sunday to a fellow quarterback.  

Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals was carted off the field on Sunday in a loss to Washington. His season is over with a knee injury. 

"That's just a tough situation," said Watson who noted it could happen on "any play" during a game or even practice like where Watson got hurt three years ago. 

"Sending my best wishes and prayers out to him and his family and if he's got any questions I dealt with the same thing my rookie year, around a similar time."

1,116 days later Burrow faces the same long road Watson faced. The Texans quarterback is more than happy to talk if Burrow wants to pick his brain. 

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As for when Watson returned? He wasn't quite himself right away. 

"When I came back, it was just making sure that I was 100 percent and I was really really comfortable. Especially at this level when everything is flying around."

Returning from the injury, Watson said he was a little "shaky" and not quite himself once he got healthy. He said those feelings didn't last long and he knew he had to cut it loose as to not be a burden on the team and reach his full potential. 

"Once you're out there you've just got to play full throttle. That's the part of the game you kind of know it. Situations going to happen."

Staying healthy is Deshaun Watson's goal for the rest of 2020, including in a Thanksgiving Day visit to the Detroit Lions. Getting healthy is Joe Burrow's -  and Watson is there to help if needed.