Texans In Super Bowl: So You're Saying There's A Chance?

According to a recent article, the Houston Texans have a less that 1% chance at winning the Super Bowl this season
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Houston Texans fans will be delighted to hear that according to Pro Football Focus, there is a chance that the Vince Lombardi Trophy will be heading to NRG Stadium come February 2022.

That being said, it appears their faith in coach David Culley and GM Nick Caserio's ability to deliver said title this year is... minimal.

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The Texans have been graded as the 31st best team in the NFL, with a Super Bowl win probability of less than 1 percent. The only team Houston can claim some level of smugness over is the Detroit Lions, who languish at the tail end of the power ranking.

On the plus side, wide receiver Brandin Cooks is predicted to have another good year, with a team-leading 81.1 PFF grade. 


In all seriousness, this level of pessimism surrounding Houston is nothing new. The vast majority of analysts are predicting a season to forget in Houston, potentially even culminating in the NFL's first-ever 0-17 season. 

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At the end of the day, without wishing to sound too critical of the media, predictions are just that. They're an educated guess, at best. 

The Texans have a roster that is almost unrecognizable from 2020. This could work in their favor, with players on short-term deals wanting to prove their worth, or it could backfire in a sea of confusion play after play. Coach Culley could prove to be a masterstroke appointment, a hidden gem in the league's coaching ranks, or he could prove to have no place leading an NFL team. 

Ultimately, nobody has yet had the chance to prove or disprove anybody's preconceived notions. So while those in media circles may be predicting the apocalypse in Houston - don't give up on the season before it's even begun, because you may be surprised. Even if there's only a 1-percent chance of it.

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