Texans Top Coach Pick? Can Culley Heal Deshaun Wounds?

Despite all the medias focus on Eric Bieniemy, could David Culley be the coach destined to save Deshaun Watson's relationship with the Houston Texans?
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The Houston Texans are doing their due diligence in their search for their next head coach, and creeping into strong contention somewhat under the radar of the national media is Baltimore Ravens assistant head coach David Culley. ... Someone Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is apparently familiar with.

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At 65, Culley has yet to get his head-coaching shot, but he has almost three decades of NFL coaching experience.

A quarterback for Vanderbilt in the 1970's, Culley has spent his entire career coaching offensive skill positions. After 15 years coaching in college football, the Tennessee native made the move to the NFL, spending time in Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Buffalo, and now Baltimore.

In addition to serving as assistant head coach to John Harbaugh, Culley is also quarterback Lamar Jackson's pass-game coordinator and the team's wide receivers coach. Throughout his career, he has coached the likes of Terrell Owens, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Tyreek Hill, and Josh Allen. 

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And Culley's impressive resume is recognized by those in the game.

"I think he gives you the same picture every day," said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid back in 2015. "He's upbeat and he loves life. He's an energy giver and he's optimistic."

"If things aren't going well, he's going to find out the problem and he's going to fix it. He's not going to hang his head about it. He's brutally honest with the players saying, 'Hey you're doing a great job' or 'You're screwing up. Here's what you have to do." ... "He really teaches them."

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The Texans now seem to be zeroing in on Culley, as he might beat out Leslie Frazier, with Bieniemy falling short in the eyes of the Houston powers-that-be.

If Watson and Culley already have a rapport? Questions remain about a man who, at 65, might be about to get his first-ever head coaching job. But anything positive about Watson and his candidacy is validated even more, as he might be able to salvage the team's relationship with its most important member.