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Texans 'Prison Break'? Trade To Packers Means Cobb 'Can Breathe Again'

Former Houston Texans wide receiver Randall Cobb had some choice words to say about his old team upon his return to the Green Bay Packers.

A whirlwind start to the Houston Texans' training camp included the departure of former Pro Bowl receiver Randall Cobb. 

Now back with the Green Bay Packers thanks to some negotiations from Packers quarterback and quasi-GM Aaron Rodgers, Cobb had some interesting things to say when asked about his return to a championship-contending team.

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"I can breathe again. I've seen the other side," Cobb said on Thursday to reporters. "I'm excited to be back here and I'm excited, I'm smiling. It's funny, my teammates said 'you act like you just got out of prison,' and I said 'well...'."

Whether this should be seen as nothing more than a joke, or a not-so-subtle dig at his former employers, is subjective. 

Cobb followed this up with a back-track, praising the Texans for their chosen path ... once he'd had one more sly dig at the team that paid him over $10 million last season.

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"I'm very very very excited to be here and that's nothing against Houston," Cobb said. "Green Bay is like a Fortune 500 company, and the Texans are a new franchise — they're a start-up that's figuring out their way."

Once again, should Cobb comparing Houston to a startup while the Packers are a Fortune 500 franchise be taken as an insult or merely a comment on their vastly different histories?

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Regardless, it's hardly a glowing compliment.

"I think the moves that they made when they brought (GM Nick) Caserio and coach (David) Culley, I think they're on a path," Cobb said. "I think they have a plan in place. I saw a lot of things changing over the past four months that I was there. ... I saw all the different changes. I know they're doing right and trending in the right direction. They're still working through some things and I'm very excited for them as well."

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