The Houston Indianapolis Texans Trail The Indianapolis Colts With the Help of a Suspect Call From the Refs Taking Away a Deshaun Watson Game-Changing Play

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans are struggling to find their footing against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. With penalties and an offense that can not find the end zone when they get into the red zone, the Texans had a game-changing play from Deshaun Watson taken off the board. 

Watson had a touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins wiped out after the officials blew the play dead. Officials ruled Watson in the grasp blowing the play dead despite the fact he was still fighting trying to make a play. 

Somehow Watson found Hopkins coming across the field and hit him in stride completing the pass. Hopkins crossed the goal line with the ball in his hands for the touchdown, but the refs blew the play dead. 

The Texans could not challenge the play and had to settle for a field goal. 

The Texans trail the Colts 14-9 at halftime. 

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