Houston Texans Turned the Page to Win a Dogfight To Take the Lead in the AFC South

Patrick D. Starr

"Turn the page" was the message for the Houston Texans this week, and that is what they did in their 20-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts. The game was a throwback game that had a playoff feel with both teams going back and forth the entire game. 

The Texans were able to turn the tide in the fourth quarter after Deshaun Watson buckled down the offense, and the defense held up their end of the bargain, holding the Colts to 58 yards of offense in the final quarter. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien expected a tough game with the AFC South rivals, and he acknowledged the game was a tough one to win.

"I think it was a dogfight," O'Brien said of the game. "In the end, we were able to come out. We did a good job in the fourth quarter, possessing the ball and things like that. So very proud of the team, and now you know we put ourselves in a position to keep playing meaningful games, and that's what you want to do."

With playoff implications for the Texans and losing their first meeting, it was a must-win against the Colts. Holding Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett to 13 yards passing in the most crucial quarter, the Texans put together a complete game to get the lead in the AFC South once again. 

"It was a good team win," O'Brien continued. "Guys came in here on Monday to turn the page and were very focused and very tough game. A very difficult game to win, but I thought the guys really were focused this week, and it showed up on the field."