Texans' Tytus: Watson Trade 'Not Happening'

One of the protectors of Deshaun Watson took to social media to block some of the rumors like he blocks pass rushers
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans might be on the wrong side of Deshaun Watson right now, but the man on his right side doesn't see him leaving anytime soon. 

Texans' right tackle Tytus Howard has taken to Twitter to dispel the notion of Watson being on the move. 

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When the thought of the team's franchise quarterback playing for the Jets was brought up, Howard simply interjected "Not happening tho."

Howard is one of the key pieces in the organization and was one of the few prominent names that was rumored to be off-limits in trade discussions during last season's trade deadline. The other players were Deshaun Watson, left tackle Laremy Tunsil, and J.J. Watt. 

Watson has been frustrated with the Texans this offseason and multiple outlets have latched on to rumors of the quarterback asking for a trade. TexansDaily.com sources continue to tell us that Watson has not asked for a trade from the team. Nor, outside of cryptic tweets, has he publicly commented on the team's offseason. 

The Texans still need to hire a coach and begin putting in the staff that will coach Watson and his teammates. There are now fewer than 100 days until the 2021 NFL Draft and the team still has free agency to deal with. Well shy of serious trade talk, there is work to be done in repairing relationships to transform them, if possible, into relationships of the sort that Watson has with teammates like Howard.

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That's the goal. Mutual support. Trust. Tytus Howard is speaking his truth here. Tytus Howard is showing the way here.