Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Calls Nullified Touchdown Play Versus the Colts a Call "We Have to Live With"

Patrick D. Starr

In a potentially game-changing play for the Houston Texans against the Indianapolis Colts, the refs stepped in and blew a potential touchdown play dead. 

On 3rd-and-goal from the Colts four-yard line, Watson dropped back to pass and was attempting to fight off two Colts defenders trying to attempt a pass. 

Watson was not down, and he was able to flip a pass to DeAndre Hopkins, who was running across the field. Hopkins snagged the pass and crossed the goal line for an apparent touchdown, but the play was blown dead by the officials citing Watson was in the grasp. 

When asked about the touchdown taken away from the Texans after the loss, head coach Bill O'Brien played is safe and refused to address the situation. 

"I am not going to answer any officiating questions," O'Brien said of when asked about the Watson play. "I'm sorry, I apologize for that, but I am not answering any officiating questions."

Deshaun Watson, who has made that play multiple times throughout his career, was asked about the nullified play, and he discussed what the ref told him from the playing field. 

"The one that they called I was down?" Watson started.

Watson continued, "I mean, it would have made a big difference. I can't remember the exact score of the game was seven-three. We could have been up or vice versa seven-seven, but I mean, I went back and forth with the ref. He said that I was down. I mean, if you watch the tape of all the plays that I stand and make plays, especially in the red zone. He said he was trying to protect my health, so it goes back and forth, but hey, that's a call he made, and we have to live with."

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Do you think that the Texans trade for a top tier CB before the deadline, it’s obvious to see that the weakness of our defense is our pass defense and we’re one lockdown corner away to a great defense in Addition to roby, Joseph, and Lonnie Johnson

Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Should have been a TD, these refs make bad call after bad call.. It's getting ridiculous