Texans Week 3 Trade Result? Underused & Not Used

Mike Fisher

By once again bringing up the DeAndre Hopkins trade, are we irritatingly "beating a dead horse''? And by even using the phrase "dead horse,'' are we irritating the Houston Texans to suggest that at 0-3, they are essentially that?

Unfortunately, a pair of direct results of the offseason swap of Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals pop to the forefront in the aftermath of Sunday's Week 3 28-21 loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Direct Result No. 1: The player acquired in the trade, running back David Johnson, was allowed just 13 carries ... and gained just 23 yards.

All those carries came on early downs, and his 1.8 yards-per-carry number set up Houston to literally face third-and-11 all day long - an aberration not seen around here in 17 seasons.

“We tried to work different schemes, and really nothing worked,” said coach Bill O’Brien, who gets points for honesty - points Houston fans would gladly trade for, you know, actual points. “We weren’t able to get to the edge, and we weren’t able to really get up inside too much. ...

"We have to figure out how to get our running game going.”

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O'Brien should also be charged, though, with figuring out how to get the passing game going even more than it was Sunday (Deshaun Watson was 19-of-27 passes for 264 yards and two touchdowns to Randall Cobb and Will Fuller) ... by using David Johnson there, too.

Meanwhile, the other piece in the Hopkins trade, the second-round pick that became TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock, wasn't allowed to participate Sunday as punishment for him throwing a punch and earning an ejection in a Week 2 loss at Baltimore.

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There is nothing wrong with O'Brien running a tight ship, and nothing wrong with the leadership exhibited by J.J. Watt in calling out Blacklock for his "selfish, stupid'' mistake. Indeed, maybe Blacklock will grow from the punishment and in his career, this loss will appear to be a blip on the radar.

But right now? Hopkins is thriving for 3-0 Arizona and the Texans just fell to 0-3 thanks to a game in which the Hopkins "gets'' were underused ... and not used at all.

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Wow. I didn't realize Arizona and Detroit were still playing. I thought Detroit came back and won that one. The Lazarus Cardinals came back from the dead and won?