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Texans Address NFL Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese Controversy

Justin Reid on Matt Judon's mac and cheese putdown: 'Some people just got screws loose'

Standing at the podium, Houston Texans veteran safety Justin Reid delivered a strong statement on a serious Thanksgiving topic of conversation:

Mac and cheese.

In the wake of New England Patriots Pro Bowl pass rusher Matthew Judon expressing his hatred for the popular Thanksgiving side dish, Reid couldn't disagree more with that hot take on something that's always welcome at his dinner table.

“Let me just say this, let me start off by saying Matt Judon is completely wrong," Reid said. "Mac and cheese is a staple and is one of the all-time Thanksgiving dishes, especially with the crumble on top. We got to have that.

"I don't know, man. Some people just got some screws loose. I feel like that's almost a sin."

Perhaps Judon has some dietary concerns, or digestive issues, but one of the NFL's top defenders is strongly against mac and cheese.

All "I’m gonna tell you we gotta get macaroni and cheese off the table," Judon said. “All right, guys? It is just cheese and noodles, and it’s not that good. Let’s be honest, guys. Everybody here is a little lactose [intolerant], so it messes up our stomachs and we gotta get it off the table. It’s probably one of the most overrated dishes.

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“You know how they say your taste buds change every seven years? Every time I’ve tried it it’s the same thing. It’s never gonna change, it’s never gonna get better. I’m almost 30 now, I’m pretty set in my ways, and it’s disgusting. Get it off the table. The bathrooms would be less busy and everybody would have a better day.”


At least in the Texans' locker room, mac and cheese has a home.

“I love mac and cheese," Texans offensive guard Tytus Howard said. "Judon is crazy. I don’t even know where he’s from."

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks doubled down on embracing mac and cheese, especially if his mother is cooking.

“It has to be baked mac and cheese," he said. "Have to get a little of the crust on top, but definitely a mac and cheese fan.”