'In Nick We Trust' (Because Texans Fans Must)

Nick Caserio thus far has kept his word on Deshaun Watson. Can he seal the deal?
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HOUSTON - Nick Caserio won big when hung up the phone. No, the calls won't stop flooding in. No, general managers won't discontinue asking for the price. 

Fine. I say, let them call. Caserio doesn't have to answer. 

When hired by the Houston Texans, Caserio's one goal was set in stone before the new GM even took the podium. He would be tasked with fixing the mess made by Texans owner Cal McNair and executive Jack Easterby surrounding Deshaun Watson. 

Sources have repeated told TexansDaily.com that the first-year GM has no intentions of trading away his franchise quarterback. Now along comes the report by NBC Sports' Peter King that the GM is stand firm, committed to the notion that the 25-year-old Watson will be in a Texans uniform next season. 

This isn't a "perhaps" or "maybe" situation. Caserio's stance is solid on Watson's future with the team. And Caserio should know a thing or two about what it means to have a franchise quarterback. 

After 20 years and six rings in New England, he'll need that same mentality - vision and commitment and a "solid stance'' - to win in Houston. 

The Texans finished 4-12 last season under Bill O'Brien and Romeo Crennel. David Culley, a 27-year NFL assistant, now will have his chance to take control as Houston's fourth head coach in franchise history. 

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Can the two new guys make it work? It certainly can't get worse from last season, right?

Caserio's front office background bodes well for Houston entering a pivotal time. This time last season. O'Brien made headlines by trading away All-Pro receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals. 

The return? A second and fourth-round pick, plus David Johnson, who struggled to produce once again behind the Texans' offensive line. 

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The jokes will write themselves on O'Brien's struggles as the general manager, but this no laughing matter. Houston has had one true franchise quarterback in their 19-year history, and now he could be gone due to broken trust. 

Caserio must mend the wounds while putting together a roster that can win - starting next season. It's a tall task for anyone, especially for a rookie GM.

But so far? It's clear Caserio can tackle the heat burning inside (and outside) NRG Stadium. 

Houston's offseason will be about building around Watson. The team can use the franchise tag on wide receiver Will Fuller. That's a start. They also will likely try to build a roster with the attributes that are "Deshaun-friendly.''

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My colleague Anthony Wood writes intelligently and passionately, above, about why it's time to cave in and trade Watson, and to do so now. I respectfully disagree. Caserio is on the record of having been brought here to build around Deshaun and so far, he's unwilling to give up on that idea.

Fine. I say, "In Nick We Trust.'' Because, really, what other choice do Houston Texans fans have?