Injuries Not Slowing Down the Texans

Patrick D. Starr

Injuries are apart of the NFL landscape and the injury bug is sweeping through the Houston Texans locker room. Just like every team in the NFL they have to adapt, in a hurry.


The Texans have competed and had chances to win in all of their losses this season, but they have made it interesting despite all of their injuries, and some have been to big time players that it could cripple other NFL teams.

Think about this the Indianapolis Colts, right now, are completely lost without quarterback Peyton Manning and have no wins to show for it. One player has devastated the season for the Colts. The Kansas City Chiefs are slowed by the losses of Jamaal Charles (RB) and Eric Berry (S) and have had to change their game plan because of these two big losses on both sides of the ball. The list goes on and on, but the truth to be told is the fact some teams cannot overcome some injuries to salvage their season.

As for the Texans they have lost Mario Williams (Pectoral), Kasey Studdard (Leg), Shelly Smith (Leg), Rashad Butler (Triceps) and Dominique Barber (Foot) all for the season. That is the backup offensive line, a key special team player and an important piece on defense. Also throw in the injuries of Arian Foster (Hamstring) Andre Johnson (Hamstring), James Casey (Pectoral), Danieal Manning (Leg), Derrick Ward (ankle) and DeMeco Ryans (achillies), the Texans have had some big name contributors slowed by injuries, but the Texans still are making things happen on the football field. That has to be something said for the depth on the Texans roster.

They have played until the end on their three losses and lost those three games by an average of 9 points, which proves the Texans are competing until the end with a depleted team. The Texans injuries have compiled for over 20 games of lost time for these injured Texans who were all expected to make the final roster.

General Manager Rick Smith and Head Coach Gary Kubiak must get some credit for with standing these injuries and still put a competitive team on the field. The loss of Mario Williams on past teams would have crippled the defense, but the defense has accepted the challenge and turned into a top defensive unit in the NFL. The offense has been slowed by the absence of Andre Johnson, but they came alive Sunday against the Titans. The players for the Texans need a tip of the cap for their willingness to not let one injury slow them down completely. With a record of 4-3 and a top of the division by themselves is a good sign hitting the halfway mark of the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday.

The Houston Texans are competing and even with all the headaches and mistakes they are doing it shorthanded. Expect the Texans to be in competition for the AFC South crown, but don't forget the injuries they have had to overcome to even have the opportunity to do so.

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