Is Being a Texans Fan Making You Crazy?

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans seem to be the center of all twitter and water cooler controversy when it comes to the city of Houston sports scene. The Texans the past few weeks have caused the best of friends to become mortal enemies, and constant argument on what the Texans should do to become better.

Crazy Old Dude

The Texans are causing the once optimistic waters of the 2011 season to turn into a whirlpool of optimism for the Texans' fan base. I wish I could be for certain and tell you things will get better, sooner than later.

Definition of Crazy:


 /ˈkreɪzi/ Show Spelled [krey-zee] Show IPA adjective, -zi·er, -zi·est, noun, plural -zies.

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1.mentally deranged; demented; insane.

2.senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.

3.Informal . intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.

4.Informal . very enamored or infatuated (usually followed by about ): He was crazy about her.

5.Informal . intensely anxious or eager; impatient: I'm crazy to try those new skis.

If we look at #3 and replace baseball with football or the Texans, it is pretty obvious what makes us argue like school kids. WE ARE ALL PASSIONATE ABOUT THE HOUSTON TEXANS and for them most of all to win.

Expectations are at an all time high, especially after a solid preseason and two early wins against the Colts and Dolphins. Things were going good and looking up and then things hit a bump in the road and all of a sudden we are the worst team on the planet. Trust me there are worse teams out there than the Texans, don't believe me go look at the standings.

The Texans have been dealt an ugly hand to start the season and are dealing with some big injuries Mario Williams, Andre Johnson, James Casey and their whole backup offensive line. Not to mention nagging injuries to the running back corps hasn't help the chemistry of the offense. It is teams like the Texans could have used the time during the lockout because the defense is learning the 3-4 on the run and has steadily improved as the season has progressed. The Texans have had huge expectations through the first 6 weeks, but do we fail to remember that we were 6-10 and terrible in 2010.

Look I am not making a total excuse for the Texans, but let's be realistic here this is the NFL and all of these players are here for a reason, and the Texans need to step up to the plate and play some football. Even with all of these issues the Texans are still in a great position to take the AFC South and earn their first playoff berth in team history.

All of our crazy thoughts can be cured by the Texans organization from top to bottom, and when we win you are still going to have complainers, but winning cures everything. If the Texans win on Sunday, hug your best friend or send a text message saying you are sorry for who you argued with, but remember this is a game and games are meant to be fun.

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