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Is Texans QB Watson Working On Settlement Leading To NFL Trade?

With talk of the ongoing lawsuits surrounding Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson having calmed down in the last few days, is this a sign that a settlement is imminent?

The eventual outcome of the ongoing legal battle surrounding Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is a hard one to predict for multiple reasons, especially given the whole situation has gone so publicly quiet in recent days. 

However, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, this silence could be telling ...

"The fact that the two lawyers at the center of the controversy, Tony Buzbee and Rusty Hardin, have fallen silent during draft week makes it hard not to wonder whether we’ll soon be hearing about the cases being resolved, followed by news of Watson being traded to a new team," said Florio on Wednesday.

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If this were the case, then Watson's legal team will need to be quick given that the NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday. That is, of course, if Watson is trying to push to return to the field at some point in 2021. This is currently an unknown, however, Florio did point out that there is a strong possibility Watson will face a suspension this season: "in the range of four to eight games."

From Houston's point of view, in our opinion, it would be best if they could trade Watson prior to this year's draft, assuming the compensation they received was in the same ballpark as they could acquire if they waited until 2022 to trade him. 

That would mean that not only can the team disassociate themselves from this ongoing drama, but they could then look to ascertain more quality draft picks this season in order to not stall their complete roster overhaul until 2022. 

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Alas ... we do not sense that a lucrative offer awaits.

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This potential wait until next season to fully rebuild is something the Houston Chronicle's John McClain discussed on Monday's Texas Sports Nation podcast.

"To me, that (2022) would be when they would take a big step toward rebuilding," said McClain. "The rebuild starts this season, I think next season is vital to that rebuild. We're going to find out a whole lot about (general manager Nick) Caserio, (head coach) David Culley, the staff and where they are on that rebuild in the 2022 season after they undergo an offseason that he (Caserio) may bring in as many players as this season."

The NFL Draft is no stranger to blockbuster trades. However, it is rare to see a trade as potentially monumental as this involving a player like Watson. 

The next 24 hours could be crucial for both he and the Texans.

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