Jacob Martin Making Strong Impression on the Houston Texans With His Early Work

Patrick D. Starr

When the Houston Texans made a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, one player that caught their eye was second-year edge player Jacob Martin. The Texans in their agreement with the Seahawks were looking for depth at outside linebacker. The found Martin as an option who could help this season and with development maybe help in the coming seasons. 

With roster cuts coming down, Martin was unsure of his future with the Seahawks and thought it was a possibility that he could be part of trade discussions. 

Martin took it in stride on being traded to the Texans and ready for his new challenge. 

"This business is full of transactions," Martin said of being traded to the Texans. "In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, could it be a possibility? Yeah. Is it likely? I don't know. But if it happens, it happens and you kind of just keep on rolling."

Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel has had Martin in the defense for about a week and is getting a feel for his skill set. One thing that has been evident to Crennel is how well Martin times up the snaps to rush the passer. 

"We haven't seen him a whole lot, but one of the things that I notice is he does have quickness off the edge," Crennel said of Martin. "He can get off on the ball, and he can kind of get around the corner. So, I think, when you talk about pass rush, that bodes well for a pass rusher."

When asked to describe what he does best as a player, Martin agreed with Crennel's sentiment. 

"I'm good off the ball," Martin continued. "I'm an edge rusher. I'm a speed guy, so getting quarterbacks off the spot and getting sacks, just contributing to the already great pass rushers that are already here."

During his rookie season, Martin appeared in all 16 games and had nine total tackles, 3.0 sacks, two forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery. All three of his sacks came in the second half of the regular season.

Martin had 279 special teams snaps to only 225 defensive snaps his rookie season, but 63% of his defensive snaps came in the final eight games of the season.

Head coach Bill O'Brien discussed the Texans young outside linebacker.

"I see him being a guy that did a lot of what he did in Seattle," O'Brien said of Martin. "A guy that can be a four-down defensive end, a guy that can be an outside backer of the edge, a SAM, and then also a guy that is what I call a stemwinder on special teams, a guy that can cover kicks."

Martin instantly helps a thin outside linebacker group providing depth and youth plus some pass-rushing skills that could help on game day. Martin is ready to help his new team in any way he can and knows he has the "juice" to provide. 

"Energy, man," Martin said of what he can bring to the Texans. "One-hundred percent effort all the time. I bring the juice all the time and making sure that guys that are playing with me understand that we're talking and communicating. I'm just trying to bring some fire off the edge."

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