Jacob Martin Thought It Was "Flattering" That the Texans Traded For Him

Patrick D. Starr

Outside linebacker Jacob Martin has been a hot name for the Houston Texans the past couple weeks with his added presence off the edge. With the Texans looking for someone to wake up the pass rush, Martin has been the answer for the defense bringing a much-needed element back to the defensive front. 

Martin joined Zach Gelb on the Mad Dog Sports Radio on XM Radio on Saturday about being traded to the Texans. Martin has not gone too much into the day he was traded, but when he received the call that Houston had wanted him as part of the deal for Jadeveon Clowney. 

Martin was in Philadelphia with his girlfriend's family after the Seahawks' final preseason game against the Oakland Raiders'. Martin was preparing for the season and being on the Seahawks 53-man roster.

Receiving the call around 9 pm, Martin was on a plane at 6 am the following morning, headed to Houston, Texas, to start his new journey with his new team. It was a reunion of sorts with Martin's family living in the Houston area, Martin grew up in Katy, Texas, before attending high school in Colorado.

"Things happened kind of fast," Martin said of the trade to Houston. "You know I wasn't really expecting to move to Houston, but I was more than excited to have an opportunity to go play a different city.

Martin continued, "You know, a city that I'm from, so it was great."

I knew, regardless of where I was going to end up," Martin explained. "Whether that would have been Seattle or Houston. I was going to find a place where I was going to be able to ball out and play well."

With the Texans moving one of the more dynamic players in the league in Clowney, Martin was only entering his second season in the NFL out of Temple. 

Martin looked at being a player the Texans wanted as flattering. 

"I thought it was kind of flattering," Martin said of the Texans trading for him. "To be honest with you that they think of me that much, you know."

Despite being traded for such a big name in Clowney, Martin felt no added pressure when he arrived at the Texans. 

"Not so much pressure," Martin said of being part of the trade. "Because I knew, I'm confident what I bring to the table, and obviously, the Texans understand what I bring to the table if they wouldn't have brought me in. I wouldn't say that any added pressure or anything like that."

It has been a solid past two weeks for Martin, who has 2.5 sacks, four quarterback hits, and four total tackles in two key wins. 

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