Jeff Garcia Finds A Home In Houston

Patrick D. Starr

Finally Jeff Garcia is a Houston Texan. Early Monday the Texans agreed to terms with the veteran 41-year old free agent quarterback, and picked him up to be the third string quarterback, in which has turned into a quarterback whirlwind for the Texans in 2011.


Garcia tried out twice for the Texans after Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart went on injured reserve and was passed over for Kellen Clemens and Jake Delhomme. Now the Texans want to make sure they have the right pieces in place, just in case and released Clemens in favor of Garcia.

Bringing Garcia in gives the Texans another veteran presence for rookie quarterback T.J. Yates to learn from. It was believed that Garcia would be the original guy to come back in to be the backup when Schaub went down with a foot injury because of Garcia's relationship with quarterback coach Greg Knapp. They spent time together in San Fransisco where Garcia appeared in 3 pro bowls with Knapp as his coach.

Hopefully Texans fans won't see Garcia in action this season and he stays inactive. The front office realizes that it is time to pull out all the stop to make sure this season continues to be a success, and just in case Garcia makes the most sense right now for the Texans.

Here are Garcia career stats.

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