Johnathan Joseph Likes the Depth at Cornerback for the Texans Heading into the Divisional Round

Patrick D. Starr

Houston, Texas- After the win against the Buffalo Bills, cornerback Johnathan Joseph was inactive due to a right hamstring injury. Joseph was on the sideline engaged with the defense throughout the game, helping the younger cornerbacks during game situations.

Knowing he was going to be inactive for the game, Joseph did what he knew what he had to do. Be there for his fellow cornerbacks throughout the game. 

"All training camp OTAs, obviously the season as you work for a moment to get into the postseason," Joseph explained. "But anytime you can't, we all professionals. You get ready, you go out and root your teammates on, and those guys did a great job of getting us to advance this week."

There has been plenty of change since the start of the season. Joseph is not surprised by the complete overhaul of the group. A veteran of the league for 14 seasons, nothing surprised Joseph anymore. 

The additions of Gareon Conley and Vernon Hargreaves III arrived mid-season, and Joseph appreciates the moves the Texans made to get them on the roster. 

"Not at all, just because you know this is always a revolving door, the NFL," Joseph said of the moves. "Every week, potentially, you have a new guy on your team with the waiver wire, and things goes. Obviously, we made some trades, and I think everything we've done helps us get to where we are today."

Heading into the playoff game, the Texans have plenty of options at cornerback, and Joseph likes the depth the group has heading into their matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

"I think every guy we have is going to help," Joseph said of the cornerback group. "Obviously, having those three guys played a big part in us getting here having success. Those guys played a lot of football, former first-round picks. I think I'm having those guys out there, as many guys as we possibly have healthy at this point stage, top-flight guys are doing their job and just you know sticking to the script."

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