Jonathan Greenard's SEC success landed him with the Texans

Executive Vice President of Football Operations Jack Easterby discussed the selection of outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard touting the competition he played against for the Florida Gators.
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The Houston Texans saw the Saturday success of one of their potential selections and decided he might have Sunday success for them.

Jon Greenard was the second pick by the Texans in the 2020 draft and the 90th overall selection made it clear why he headed to the SEC as a graduate transfer

He said Friday he wanted to compete against the best and compete he did just that in 2019.  Greenard ended up having the highest sack total and tackle for a loss number of any SEC player in his final season in the conference.

His success in the SEC got him on the radar with the Texans according to Executive Vice President of Football Operations Jack Easterby who spoke with KILT-AM about the newest Texans player.

"As far as Jon (Greenard) goes rushing the quarterback is a premium in our league and to have ten sacks in one of the best conferences in the United States last year," Easterby explained. "To play for Florida on a tough defense and to be able to get after the quarterback playing really good tackles."

The competition that Greenard went against caught the Texans' attention and was a crucial part of their evaluation. 

"Many of the tackles that he played against and rushed against obviously are playing on Sundays now. He did a great job and can be used in a lot of ways." Easterby added.

Greenard scored just four of his sacks against SEC opponents, none of which are likely to be playing on Sunday anytime soon. Greenard did rack up plenty of tackles for a loss in SEC play, but again, none against eventual NFL talents. Auburn and Georgia will have tackles drafted this year and Greenard recorded no sacks or tackles for a loss against either team.

Now, those stats don't tell the whole story. He still competed well tying his career-high for tackles and tying his second-highest tackle amount against the two SEC foes noted above.

Greenard played better in a tougher conference than where he started his college career and there is no denying it earned him a shot at the NFL via the third round. 

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