Jordan Akins sees threats everywhere in the Texans offense

Houston Texans tight end Jordan Akins sees threats everywhere on offense and sees a talented tight end group heading into 2020.
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It is fair to say that the Texans offense has experienced a significant facelift this offseason. With star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins being traded to the Cardinals and the additions of running back David Johnson, wide receivers Randall Cobb and Brandin Cooks, the Houston Texans are clearly going to field a new style of offense in the upcoming season.

One player who was very instrumental to the Texans' receiving game last season and will be a major part of the new style of offense is tight end, Jordan Akins.

In his two years in the league, Akins has seen significant development. Last year, Akins had solid production while nearly doubling what he had as a rookie.

He recorded 36 receptions and 418 receiving yards along with two touchdowns. Akins had a 65.5% catch rate while being targeted by Deshaun Watson 11.11% of the time, despite only starting nine games throughout the season.

Akins recently caught up with Drew Doughtery of to discuss some of the changes on the Texans offense while also describing the strong relationship between him and the other Texans' tight ends.

When questioned about how the virtual offense program has been with the new offensive players, Akins believes that the offense is very potent and dangerous.

"I think we definitely have threats everywhere," Akins explained. "It's just not the wide receivers or quarterbacks. It's the entire offense. You know the O- line is looking very good - everyone's putting in work put in the time."

Akins feels that the offensive program designed by the coaches has been very successful and the extensive communication with the online Zoom calls that will benefit the offense.

Akins described, "The offense, the wide receivers, tight ends, running backs will get on one accord."

Confident and optimistic about the performance of the offense. Akins detailed, "And we're just trying to head in the right way… the Texans, we, keep building and keep building and trying to you know just trying to perfect the offense."

The offense, with the current players and coaching staff, has taken significant strides since just several years ago, indicating that the offense is pushing for bigger things in 2020.

Akins also described a relationship of strong camaraderie and friendship in the Texans' tight end room which is mutually beneficial and one that helps each player develop.

Akins stated, "We challenge each other. That's the most important part. We make each other better; all of us have different games. We bring something different to the table, and we have different skill sets, and you know be just trying to put everything together."

The collaboration is critical in developing chemistry and improvement.

"We help each other out a lot," Akins continued. "It's not just food for thought for just one person is we're feeding everybody, so you know, we're leaning on each other, we're pushing each other to make each other better and, you know, hopefully always get in touch to field this season."

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