Judgement Day, Really?

Patrick D. Starr

This is in no way attacking the Buffalo Bills' organization. -PDS

This is a letter from me to Mario Williams.

"Judgement Day November 4th!"

Mario Williams, Defensive End, Buffalo Bills via Twitter

Dear Mario,

Look I am really confused on why all of this "talk" is coming from your twitter account all of a sudden about the team that took a chance on you, the Houston Texans. Don't blame it on a friend or relative tweeting out all this non-sense on your account, be real here. I want to know what the Texans and the fan base have done to you to make you all of sudden "dislike" the city of Houston. I know some fans have said some not so nice things to you, but come on you can't go on ESPN and say that "This is just another game." and in the next breath say that November 4th is "Judgement Day".

We don't know what happened on the negotiating table and that is between you and the Houston Texans, but YOU act like the whole city, organization and fan base treated you like "garbage" for the past six years. There were plenty of fans that were heartbroken that you left for Buffalo, but do you remember that you said it was not about the money for you? Then all of a sudden you are on the first plane due North and being paid to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. Who looks bad now? Heck I would like a fraction of your $100 million dollar contract but don't say it is not about the money when it actually was.

All you have done since you have gotten to Buffalo is get on twitter and bash Texans' fans when they talk to you, when you never conversed one time with them before while in Houston. Now you are playing both sides of the fence saying it's "just another game" and then taking to twitter to make this seem like some apocalyptic event when your Bills come to Houston.

All I am saying Mario is why are you so hateful to a town that bought your jerseys and put you up all across Reliant stadium as a figure-head of the team? Doesn't that earn some respect in your book? Look I wish you wouldn't have left but I totally understand the nature of the "NFL Business", but please just get over yourself. I hope you have a great time in Buffalo and rejuvenate that franchise and push them over the hump. Just realize this is a "TEAM" game and the 2011 Houston Texans were a prime example of that when their so-called "Best Defensive" player tore his pectoral muscle against the Oakland Raiders making a sack against Jason Campbell. I was at that game and that was your last play as a Texans' player making a sack, what you do best. Be remembered in Houston for doing things like that and not burning bridges with the city that embraced you with all of this dog and pony show you are doing now.

Best of Luck,

P.D. Starr

You can follow Patrick on Twitter. He is the Editor of State of the Texans and is a draft analyst on Sideline Scouting

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