Justin Reid appreciates Bill O'Brien and Texans "first-step" on taking a stand against racism

Houston Texans Justin Reid appreciates the Houston Texans taking a first step on condemning police brutality and backing the black players on getting their message out.

The Houston Texans gave their statements regarding the killing of George Floyd. One is from CEO Cal McNair and one from head coach Bill O'Brien condemning Floyd's murder at the hands of police. 

That stance has resonated with Houston Texans Justin Reid seeing the organization take a stand against police brutality and racism. 

The Houston Texans safety sat down had a sit-down video interview on ABC13 with David Nuno and Raheel Ramzanali. Reid discussed what O'Brien did with his message and explained there was a second meeting with the black players to hear their concerns privately. 

"It meant a lot," Reid said of O'Brien's statement. "I think it's that's a great first step."

Reid added, "I mean, he had the message that he sent over to the public and he also talked to us individually in a private closed-door room, and allowed us all to kind of talk about it and share our opinion and give our feelings on the current state of the country. How we feel things that we can do to get better and know they've been extremely supportive about it."

Reid has been vocal not only in interviews on his stance in police brutality but making sure the message is not hijacked on what the real issues are. As Reid called it, this is not a political issue but a human issue that the nation is facing. 

Working closely with the Texans public relations, Reid is working to help improve the message that needs to be spread to the community. Also, following the lead of teammates Kenny Stills and Michael Thomas, Reid appreciates the first step the organization has taken to condemn the act of violence against Floyd and giving the players on the team the platform to express themselves  

"Just credit to the Houston Texas organization," Reid continued, "They've all been contacting me and then been helping me get the message out. And they've been a very good listening here on how we can improve the social relations and social issues of the country."

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